Coloured solar panels for facade integration

Arnstadt, 12 March 2014. With the new ATFKrom product line Antec is offering the first coloured photovoltaic modules for facade integration.

Theses modules are based on the company's thin-film technology and are available in the colours terracotta, green and blue.

The photovoltaic modules of the ATFKrom product line are equipped with a special solar glass. The patented solar glass ensures the consistent and aesthetically sophisticated appearance. The underlying photovoltaic technology becomes almost invisible. Antec Solar GmbH uses the patented Kromatix ™ solar glass of SwissINSO, a company based in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Tailor-made solutions for every façade

 "It is the first time that a glass technology is available providing coloured solar panels which can be integrated in an way, that they act look like normal cladding. With this innovative solar glass architects, developers, installers and private investors will now receive a high-quality aesthetic solution, which so far did not exist - and that at a high efficiency", says Norbert Kreft, CTO of Antec Solar GmbH. "This enables us, to deliver tailored solutions for every façade and in virtually any PV technology." The customers are free to choose the colour, the format, the form and needed amount of panels.

 In addition Antec Solar produces with the product line ATCKrom coloured modules for facade integration on the basis of intermediate products in almost every PV technology. Depending on the requirements, desired appearance and required design, the customer can choose the right technology and achieve the desired energy output.