Manufactory & BIPV

Multiple benefits – BIPV

  • Image-building architecture and energy-saving building shell
  • Sun protection
  • High solar energy yield
  • Compliance with laws to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption in new construction and renovated buildings
  • Energy generation at the consumption location
  • Financial benefit from consuming electricity generated in-house
  • Image builder

We fabricate customer-specific PV modules with numerous technical and visual design options for use in building-integrated PV systems (BIPV) and special applications.

The PV module technology is based on the extensive experience of ANTEC Solar GmbH in the field of thin film PV module production with CdTe and amorphous / micromorphous silicon tandem technologies.

Both technologies have advantages compared to wafer-based methods, such as:

  • Best performance at high temperatures
  • Best performance with weak or hazy solar radiation, so that installation in any orientation is possible – our modules generate output, even in unfavourable installation situations
  • Robust frameless glass/glass or glass/film modules stand up to even the harshest environmental influences such as desert sand, seawater, acids and ice
  •  Uniform surface
  • Modules are recyclable
  • No toxic materials when using thin film amorphous/micromorphous silicon tandem technology. These modules can be disposed of as household waste. This is something no other module technology can do!
  • Low module performance drop
  • Performance at 8.4% to 11%

 Of course we also supply wafer-based solutions and will offer flexible technologies shortly.

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