The standard module

Our ATF solar modules are versatile in application and offer a high energy generation rate even with low solar radiation. Depending on the desired application, the ATF solar modules can be installed with or without a frame. They set themselves apart with their outstanding visual and aesthetic characteristics.

  • Industrially produced solar modules – semiconductor laminated between 2 panes of glass
  • Thin film technology conserves raw materials
  • Particularly durable CdTe semiconductor layers
  • Unique design: frameless, black-green look
  • Energy amortisation period: less than one year
  • Low performance-temperature coefficient (only -0.18%/degree Celsius)
  • Very good weak and residual light behaviour
  • Very high annual energy yield per installed Wp (high PR value)
  • Fully recyclable

Technical data for the various module types

    Module typ   ATF-50 ATF-60 ATF-70
    Nominal output   50 Wp (+5W/-0)
    60 Wp (+5W/-0)  
    70 Wp (+5W/-0)
    Nominal current   0,87A
    0,94A 1,02A
    Nominal voltage
    66,0V 71,0V
    Short-circuit current   1,16A 1,21A 1,25A
    Open circuit voltage   89,0V 92,5V 95,0V
    Dimensions L X W X H 1200 x 600 x 7,7 mm
    Weight 13 kg
    Junction Box Cables Telegärtner
    Cables 2,5 mm² - 800 mm and 700 mm
    Stecker/Buchsen MC: PV-KST 4 II / PV-KBT 4 II
    Frame Frameless