ML System



The ML System company offers the complete photovoltaic systems dedicated for use in construction.
The Company was established in 2007 and has engineering staff specialized in areas such as construction, photonics, automation, mechatronics, materials science and nano-materials, chemistry and technical physics. A precious value added of the company is well-equipped laboratory for prototyping and development of new technologies, cells, or photovoltaic panels.

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Sunit DK



Sunit ApS is a company working with photovoltaic solutions within the construction business in Denmark. Based on strong relationships with various suppliers and manufactures, Sunit is able to provide PV-solutions at all levels.
Since the company was established in 2009, Sunit ApS has gained lots of experience with large scale PV projects as well as BIPV systems. Sunit aims to provide turn-key solar energy projects to architects, engineers and contracting companies, etc.
Sunit provides a solution minded setup, and can support the customer from idea to finished PV-system, with a variety of solutions.

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Luciano Pellettieri


Luciano Pellettieri

Luciano Pellettieri Energy-Finance-Infrastructure is a consulting, and sales agency firm, based in Italy, that provides financial advisory, and marketing services to issuer, manufacturer, developer, and investor clients in the European marketplace. Luciano Pellettieri Energy-Finance-Infrastructure ’s services include helping clients in Renewable Energy Assets and Projects in Solar, Wind, Hydro and Biomass sector. Agency for Renewable Technologies : Solar LED Street Lights Off Grid , Telecom Systems Off Grid , Solar Modules BPIV , Solar Systems CSP , Hydro-Wind Turbines Autonomous Solar Generators etc.


vidur solar

Five generations after its founding, VIDURGLASS is the leading Spanish family-owned and operated business in the field of flat and curved tempered glass production for different sectors. In 2006 the solar deportment was founded with exclusive focus on tailor-made BIPV-element design and production.

VIDURGLASS offer a comprehensive service in the design and research of global photovoltaic solutions to be used in creating innovative architectural concepts for singular projects in which architectural design and clean energy generation are taken to the limit offering our customers the unique and exclusive.