Solar still pays off!

But – many owners forego the ongoing monitoring of solar generating plant yields.

Even minor, undetected changes in the PV system quickly lead to performance deviations.

These include permanent shade due to the growth of vegetation, cabling defects, transfer resistance, module defects, micro-cracks and visual changes. Problems in junction boxes, wiring harnesses and inverters expand the spectrum of defects.

In addition to system monitoring and inspection by the experienced ANTEC Tuning Team, measuring technology is used which captures numerous system parameters remotely and evaluates them with intelligent software.

We find the reasons for performance deviations and implement solutions immediately.

Of course all data and evaluations are handled with discretion!

Visual inspection

We test defective solder joints, mechanical cell defects or inactive cells, defective connections in junction boxes and increased transmission resistance on site with thermal imaging. We measure the insulation resistance after wetting and identify mechanical damage, defective connection cables and defective laminate.

Thermal imaging under load

We measure excessive performance drops of PV modules, known as degradation, with a mobile performance measuring system. More detailed analyses are conducted at our plant with a sunlight simulator.

Insulation test

With over 10 years of production experience, especially in thin film technologies, we have accumulated extensive know-how that allows us to assess the quality of PV modules quickly based on a visual analysis.

Performance measurement